5 Peak Asanas to Observe for Mobility by Seneca McCue 

Seneca McCue is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Instructor, NASM CPT. She makes a speciality of core, mobility, and suspension coaching. She has labored as an accountability coach, and motivational speaker, and has been a nurse for 18 years.

Her dedication to her shoppers is clearly seen, as stated by her “My objective is so that you can succeed and so that you can not solely TRANSFORM your physique however to additionally TRANSFORM your life!”

Also known as a Weightlifting Yogi, Seneca provides “listed below are 5 peak poses I educate and among the prep poses I embrace in my lessons to construct energy, mobility, and suppleness.” 

5 Asanas to Construct Energy and Flexibility

Brahmacharyasana (L-sit)

    In an L-sit the shoulder blades are protracted as you press into your arms to carry your legs off the bottom. To heat up for this pose I do marjaryasana (cat pose) to prep the again and shoulders. If you’re not correctly warmed up for an L-sit you might expertise cramping in your quadriceps.To forestall this from taking place I embrace poses that stretch out the quadriceps comparable to half frog, tiger, and king Arthur. An L-sit additionally requires core energy so I embrace core compression workout routines such because the plank variation knee to nostril, inside my stream to construct energy and activate the stomach muscular tissues.When studying this pose it’s useful to make use of blocks to raise your physique.Professional tip: it’s simpler to get into this pose by lifting up along with your legs bent after which straightening them.

Contraindications for this pose can be any wrist or shoulder harm. 

Eka pada koundinyasana II (flying break up)

This arm stability is admittedly enjoyable and also you don’t have to have the ability to do a full break up with the intention to obtain it!

    To prep for this pose in my lessons, we begin by engaged on poses that stretch the hamstrings and quadriceps and open the hips comparable to downward dealing with canine, low lunge, ahead fold, and lizard pose.In flying break up the arms are in an identical place to how they’re bent in chaturanga.  Practising chaturanga will construct arm and core energy to assist put together you for flying break up.In flying break up college students typically wrestle with lifting their legs off the bottom. This pose unlocked for me once I realized that if I shift the floating leg ahead and down the again leg will carry off the bottom. Consider your legs as a see-saw on this pose. If one leg goes down the opposite should go up!Contraindications for this pose can be a wrist, shoulder, or hip harm. 

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Seated Compass)

A seated compass is likely one of the poses I by no means thought I’d be capable of obtain. I’m not naturally versatile and it requires fairly a little bit of flexibility.

    To heat up for this pose I deal with hip openers comparable to warrior 2, prolonged aspect angle, and yoga cradle.I additionally embrace postures that heat up and stretch the shoulders comparable to baby’s pose, downward dealing with canine, and cow face arms. I used a strap for months earlier than I used to be capable of attain my leg. Keep it up and in the future you’ll now not want a strap both!Contraindications for this pose embrace a shoulder or hip harm. 

Eka pada Padangusthasana (Pistol Squat)

I really like this pose! This pose requires energy and mobility!

    To heat up for this pose I begin with a downward-facing canine and malasana (yogi squat or garland pose). Each poses will enhance ankle and hip mobility by lengthening the muscular tissues within the leg.To construct energy for this pose you may observe utkatasana (chair pose) and for an added problem you may lengthen one leg whereas in chair pose to additional construct energy.If you find yourself prepared you may decrease down whereas holding blocks alongside your physique for assist. Lengthen the arms ahead when the blocks are now not wanted to assist with stability as you decrease down. Contraindications for this pose are ankle and knee accidents. 

Parivrtta hasta padangusthasana (Shiva)

Shiva is gorgeous! There’s a lot occurring on this pose!

    To prep for this pose, I begin with shoulder openers and again strengthening workout routines comparable to sphinx, locust, and reverse plank.To increase your leg on this pose additionally it is important to open the hips with poses just like the lizard, prolonged aspect angle, yogi squat, and glad child.You additionally have to stretch out the again of the leg with poses comparable to downward dealing with canine, ahead fold, and pyramid pose.Contraindications for this pose embrace shoulder and hip harm.

Observe: Earlier than attempting any of those poses for the primary time, ensure you correctly heat up, begin gradual, and take the modifications if the total expression of the pose is an excessive amount of.

The Content material will not be meant to be an alternative to skilled medical recommendation, prognosis, or remedy. At all times search the recommendation of your doctor or different certified well being supplier with any questions you could have relating to a medical situation.

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